GE001 for Gentleman

GE means "GENEQT", 001 means our first creation. This could be the cufflinks for every gentleman, to match their suits for daily use.

To suit up well, just like gearing up. GE001 could help and brings out your unique style, the final touch to complete your traditional gentleman look.

Gorgeous, Elegant, Stylish, Timeless ...... are the keywords of GE001. This is an attitude for every Gentleman.




Cufflinks which tells time

Be watches and accessories lovers, we designed this product which is a watch, but also an accessory. We combine watch and cufflinks together into one product. Therefore GE001 is a piece of cufflinks which tells time.  




GMT function 

On the back of closure, there are the etching word  "HOME" on one side, and '"AWAY" on the other side....this is the GMT function on GE001.

The travelers could able to find out any two time zones from GE001: Set the home time on the "HOME" side, and set the local time on the "AWAY" side ...... you can have GMT function on GE001 during your trip.

For example, the traveler are having his trip, his home town is London, and travels to Geneva. Since the timezone in Geneva is 1 hour ahead of London. If now the time in London is 14:00, he could set the home time (14:00) on the side with "HOME", then set the local time (15:00) on the side with "AWAY". 

This is an easy way to have the GMT function, not complex, and simple for anyone, handy for travelers during their business trips.




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